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BuddyClub N+ Coilover Install Guide for Honda CR-Z

Front: Disassembly -

1. Remove the wheels

2. Remove the top nut holding the shock by removing the rubber cap and holding the threaded center with an allen key and turning the nut with an open wrench.

3. Unbolt the swaybar end link by also holding the thread with an allen key while turning the nut with an open wrench.

4. Remove from the bracket and unclip the abs sensor line.

5. Bungee or strap the hub so that it doesn't swing out too far so it doesn't pull the half-shaft out of the cv joint when removing the shock. Also a good idea to put a jack or something under the lower arm so it doesn't hang too low which can also let the half-shaft fall out.

6. After securing the hub or having someone hold it, remove the 2 bolts holding the shock to the knuckle and pull out the whole assembly.

7. For the Buddy Club N+ suspension, remove the collar from the top of the stock shock and re-use it on the Buddy Club Coilovers

Order of assembly

Rubber mount sits on top of the collar

8. Reassemble it all the same way you took it apart.

9. Once installed on car, measure the spring length it should be 200mm.

10. If the spring is longer or shorter than 200mm, loosen and adjust spring perch and lock ring to allow the spring proper length. When the spring is the correct length, tighten down the spring preload rings (green arrows) using the provided spanner wrenches.

Height Adjustment (Front):

1. Once coilover is installed on vehicle, loosen height adjustment lock ring, turn shock body to desired height (see below) once proper height is set then lock down the ring using spanner wrenches.

2A. For a 1" drop, the distance between the spring perch lock ring and height adjustment lock ring is 30mm.

2B. For a 2" drop, the distance between the spring perch lock ring and height adjustment lock ring is 20mm.

2C. For a 3" drop, the distance between the spring perch lock ring and height adjustment lock ring is 30mm.

3. Lock down all the rings (orange arrows) first using the spanner wrenches, then using a large flat head screwdriver or chisel and hammer, give the rings a good smack to lock them in place tight, this will prevent the rings from loosening with use and keep all your settings locked in.

Rear: Disassembly -

1. Pop open the rear panels to reveal the top of the shocks by gently prying them with a screwdriver.

2. Remove upper bolt holding the rear shock to the body same way as the front by holding the center with an allen key and using an open wrench to remove the nut.

3. Remove the bolt holding the bottom of the shock to the lower arm, and pull the shock out.

4. Push the lower arm down an remove the spring. Note the orientation of the bottom rubber mount and reinstall it the same way.

5. Insert the rubber mount into the threaded spring sleeve (location highlighted by purple arrow) and install the whole assembly with the perch on the top of the spring.

6. Make sure the spring is correctly positioned in the bottom rubber mount and correctly placed in the bottom arm.

Spring assembly should look something like this.

7. Make sure the stock rubber bushings are not still stuck on the body and re-install the new shock. The body of the car should be sandwiched by the 2 rubber bushings.

Correct order of components with the body of the car in between the 2 rubber bushings.

8. Install the bottom bolt by jacking up the lower arm and lining up the holes on the shock.

Height Adjustment (Rear Spring):

1. Loosen the spring perch and lock ring to adjust to the correct drop using supplied spanner wrenches.