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9th Gen Civic N+ Coilover Install Tips

Buddy Club N+ Coilover for 2012-2015 (9th Gen) Civic Ride Height Setting Measurements and Tips

* The diagrams use a setup from an 8th Gen Civic but the components look and operate the same as the 9th Gen Civic

Front: * Always work your way from the top, down.

1. Make sure top hat nut is tight

2. Check the length of your spring, it will be 175mm. (Diagram 1b)

3. You want to make sure that the length of the spring stays the same once the rings are locked down. Meaning NO PRE-LOAD. Tighten the spring perch and lock rings just so the spring does not have any play, meaning it is in place but not compressed. You don't want the spring moving up and down between the top hat and spring perch.

4. Using (Diagram 2b) as a guide, set the ride height using the measurements below, once the correct height is set make sure you lock down the lock ring tight to keep everything locked in place. Measurement Ride Height Drop 30mm 1 Inch 20mm 2 Inch 10mm 3 Inch


* Always start with spring perch, then adjust shock. The perch does the actual height adjustment, so install it first, then install the shock and use a floor jack to lift the arm up to bolt the shock in.

1. Using (Diagram 3b) as a guide, set the ride height using the measurements below. Once the correct ride height is set via the spring perch make sure the rings are locked down.

Measurement Ride Height Drop 20mm 1 Inch 10mm 2 Inch 0mm 3 Inch

2. Using (Diagram 3b) as a guide, set the shock length using the measurements below. Once the shock length is set, make sure to lock down the lock ring. Measurement Ride Height Drop 220mm 1 Inch 210mm 2 Inch 200mm 3 Inch

*The chassis on the 9th Gen Civic vary a bit so they may require a bit of adjustment to the shock length in order fine tune the ride. 5mm +/- shock length adjustment may be required to fine tune your ride quality.

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