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1990. Kakimoto-san starts his racing destiny by entering in the Suzuka Silver Cup race, running his EG Civic to victory in the One Make Racing Series. His quest for victory, guides the development of the "Buddy Club Miracle Aluminum Damper" and "Buddy Club Front Lip Spoiler".

1991-1993. With the use of ground breaking Buddy Club Dampers and Aero, Buddy Club earns the checkered flag at many One Make Series Events.  


1997. Begins the campaign of the BuddyClub Toyota Celica  in the All Japan GT Championship

      * "Racing-Spec Damper" line is launched.

      * "P1-Racing Wheel" starts selling and becomes a worldwide blockbuster.

1998. Marks the opening of BuddyClub Hong Kong and Taiwan helping the brand expand its business within Asia.

1999.  BuddyClub makes its way to the US, with the opening of BuddyClub USA in Southern California. 

2001. Buddy Club enters its first year of full scale participation in the ATCC Series with the Buddy Club Civic EK; winning both the driver and team series championships. This year also marks the release of Buddy Club's premiere damper, the "P1-Racing Damper".

2002-2010. Buddy Club embarks on a campaign to dominate Touring Car Racing Series in Asia, bringing  weapons such as the Honda CL7, DC5, and EP3 to the battlefield. Buddy Club also sets its sights on the USA and Australia by competing for the 1st time in Time Attack events in these countries.

2011. Buddy Club takes it's pair of  FN2 Civics to ATCS Series Championship which result in victories for the Driver and Team Buddy club in their prospective categories.

2014. Introduced the Buddy Club BMW-Z4 to the Buddy Club Team paddock, the Z4 not only won the Asian Le Mans Series title, but fought hard in ALMS Series to earn entry into The 24 Hours of Le Mans.

2000. The introduction of the "P1- Racing QF" super lightweight forged racing wheel.

2002. Buddy Club brings it's Buddy Club EP-3 Civic into the competetive Super Endurance Race series.

2015. Team Buddy Club celebrates their first ever foray and success in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the entry of four Team Buddy Club vehicles into the ALMS Series in the GT and LMP3 classes.


1994. Team Buddy Club is formed, it's creation is essential to the development and testing of Buddy Club products for use both on the track and the streets; such as the Buddy Club P1 Wheel. Team Buddy Club also begins its campaign in the N1 Endurance Series piloting the Buddy Club Racing Civic EG.

1996. In the battleground of Class 4 of the Super Endurance Series; the BuddyClub EK-CIVIC get's its 1st series victory.

NISMO and BuddyClub join forces on the development of racing dampers for GTR R-32 and other non Honda cars.

BuddyClub campaigns the Toyota MR-2 in the All Japan GT Championship.

BuddyClub grows as a brand and develops a new logo.

2012-2013. Fresh from the Buddy Club stable, Buddy Club unleashes it MP-412C on the Blancpan - GT race series, as well as the Buddy Club Z4 on the ALMS race series; this furthers Buddy Club's quest for racing domination.

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