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Buddy Club Sport Spec Damper Kit for Honda Fit (09-20)
  • Buddy Club Sport Spec Damper Kit for Honda Fit (09-20)


    Sport Spec Dampers follow in the tradition of the World-Famous Buddy Club N+ Damper using data collected by our Racing Team as well as vigorous real-world street testing to design a rightful successor to the N+.


    Using the data we collected, we were able to design a coil over system that takes all the great features of the N+ and make them even better! These updates make Sport Spec Dampers, the most advanced  Street / Circuit damper system Buddy Club has ever produced.


    Key Features of Sport Spec Dampers:


    Fully Adjustable Ride Height and Preload Settings: Within normal operating range, simply use the spanner wrenches (provided in the damper kit) to adjust the lower bracket of the damper to your desired vehicle ride height, without sacrificing comfort or performance. Pre-load settings are adjusted using a similar process, allowing users the freedom to set up their vehicle to their exact specifications.


    19 Way Damping Adjustment: All Sport Spec Dampers have 19 levels of damping and rebound adjustability. By simply turning the knob on the damper, you can adjust the damping and rebound settings to accommodate your own driving style. Our specially designed reinforced upper mount increases performance and durability over the life of the damper.


    Inverted Shock Design: Sport Spec Dampers utilize an inverted design on all McPherson equipped vehicles. This design provides stability and cornering improvements up to 150% over stock. The Sport Spec's 44mm diameter shock body provides more fluid and a bigger piston for better performance in harsh environments. All Buddy Club Sport Spec Damper shock bodies use a special 2-layer coating, that after long term testing has proved to provide better rust and corrosion resistance than the electric plated coating used by other brands.


    Precision Shock Manufacturing: The inner pistons of Buddy Club Sport Spec Dampers are precision machined to the tightest tolerances possible to prevent unnecessary noise and vibration.  The inside surface of the shock body goes through a multiple CNC machining and polishing process to insure a mirror finish, this process provides better performance and wear characteristics than that of other brands.


    High Quality Springs: Our Japanese Made, High Tensile Steel Springs are manufactured to the highest quality standards possible and matched by our engineers.


    Newly Designed Top Hats, Bump Stops and Shock Boots: This new design provides longer life to not only the components themselves, but also helps decrease wear on the damper.


    All New Coating Process: All the Sport Spec Damper's Components go through a special anti- corrosion coating process, that not only works great but looks great too.


    Hand Welded Brackets: All Sport Spec Dampers brackets are Precision Tig welded by hand, this achieves a higher level of quality, durability, and appearance when compared to offerings from other brands.


    ** Fits: 2009-2020

    ** Spring Rates: 5k Front / 3k Rear

    ** Free Shipping in Lower 48 States

    SKU: BC02-SSHGK35
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