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Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust for 92-00 Civic Coupe / Sedan [EG9]
  • Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust for 92-00 Civic Coupe / Sedan [EG9]


    Developed strictly for competition use, the Buddy Club Racing Spec I exhaust system is the pinnacle of all competition exhaustsystems available today.With 100% stainless steel construction and straight through muffler design, the Racing Spec I exhaust system offers both light-weight construction and extreme exhaust high-flow efficiency. Torque at low RPM is enhanced by using an engineered intermediate silencer. 


    Designed with competition use in mind, this system's sections are slip-on with spring hook type connectors along with a flange to connect to the rest of the exhaust system.


    • Lightweight all stainlesssteel construction
    • Lightweight press-formed flange (Catalytic Converter side)
    • Lightweight & Convenient Spring-Clamp Fasteners for Quick Access at the Track
    • Includes stainless steel wool packed silencer
    • The intermediate silencer (Torque Bulge) Is designed win characteristics to ensure an
    • effective torque curve

    Product Branding 
    The authentic RACING SPEC MUFFLER insignia is laser etched onto a plate that is affixed to the muffler can of all Buddy Club Spec II lightweight exhaust systems. 

    Pressed Formed Flanges 
    The catalytic converter flange is manufactured using press formed stainless steel to ensure that the same lightweight sheet metal is used throughout the flange design. This significantly reduces weight compared to a thick cast steel flange. This is yet another lightweight concept pursued to the ultimate extreme.

    Comes complete with an removeable silencer attachment for all Spec II Exhaust Series. This is to help quiet the exhaust sound to conform with noise requirements.


    Piping Diameter: 63.5mm



    SKU: BC03-SP2EXEG9
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