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Buddy Club Racing Spec Water Temp Sensor
  • Buddy Club Racing Spec Water Temp Sensor


    A gauge works with a sensor to display vital information to the driver. Said gauge is only as good as the sensor, and the sensor is only as good as where it is placed. Placement of the sensor is often overlooked. Buddy Club Hose Sensor adapters are made of high strength aircraft aluminum 6061 alloy material, cut and machined using the most advanced manufacturing technology, anodized blue, and is designed to withstand high temperatures without compromising durability and reliabilty. 


    With a Buddy Club Hose Sensor Adapter, you can place the water sensor directly in the stream of the water towards the radiator without absorbing transient heat from the engine block for accurate readings of the water temperature. Three sizes available for the perfect fit for just about any engine application and stays water-tight to prevent leakage with the provided hose clamps. Each adapter features a 1/8" NPT fitting that can be used with other brands of sensors.



    SKU: BC04-RSDWTA30
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