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Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat
  • Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat


    Racing bucket seats are an import part of tuning, it provides the driver with better body support and greater protection. Buddy Club racing bucket seat have quality, safety and leading ergonomics built in.


    Buddy Club's original bucket seat frame is designed to give full support for any driving condition. It is light weight and yet super strong.

    • Suede material was used on key areas of the seat to avoid premature wear and tear caused by the factory 3 point seat belt.
    • High quality fiber mesh material was used on the seating surface of the seat.
    • Wool mat was used on the back side surface for better air circulation. Light weight design, excellent body support & super strong
    • Provides proper body support for reduced fatigue and best driving position.
    • Seat only weighs 5kg or 11lbs!
    • Buckle frame technology was used to produce one of the strongest bucket seats in the market.
    • Available colors: Red/Grey, Black/Gray, and Red/Black
    • Available in two sizes: Regular and Wide
    • Fabric Material, FRP frame with anti-skid fabric up-holstery
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