Buddy Club Spec III Exhaust System (Mitsubishi Evo 8)
  • Buddy Club Spec III Exhaust System (Mitsubishi Evo 8)

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    Spec III™ Exhaust System by Buddy Club®. Buddy Club SPEC III exhaust systems are the lightest stainless-steel exhaust system on the market today. Its simple straight thru design creates an increase of exhaust gas velocity in order to enhance its efficiency. The resonator on the main pipe is specially designed to enhance torque in the low to mid RPM range. All of the mufflers are made with SUS304 stainless steel, 1mm thick wall material is used for main pipe. and the 0.8mm wall stainless is used for main silencer. This combination of materials creates a super light weight system.


    Designed to help your auto operate at its peak
    Made to provide improved exhaust flow
    Crafted from superior quality materials
    Built to ensure dependability and safety
    Guarantees hassle-free service for years
    Moreover with the included bolt in silencer installed, the SPEC III exhaust system meets most legal sound levels for day to day street use. Our systems manufacturered for a perfect length to expel the exhaust gasses completely out and away from the car. This translates to less excess exhaust dirt and grime on the back of your car, and also elimination interior cabin exhaust “drone”. The muffler tip is angle cut. Buddy Club’s commitment to performance and style is consistent throughout from tip to tip. A mark of quality and craftsmanship, all muffler are clearly engraved with the Buddy Club insignia.