Buddy Club F-91 Wheels (17x8 +45 5x114.3) Bronze Black

Buddy Club F-91 Wheels (17x8 +45 5x114.3) Bronze Black

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KUROKI Racing, a renowned racing team in the Japanese touring circuit, has collaborated with Buddy Club to bring the F91. A race inspired, lightweight, and rigid wheel for all that street driving or participation in competition motorsports.


The F91 wheel has a timeless split six-spoke design which in itself is one of the most rigid spoke formations. This strength factor played an equal role to the overall design. The dual valve stem feature allows for quick and accurate inflation or deflation while simultaneously using a pressure gauge.


Countless months of strenuous R&D testing, on and off the track with Kuroki Racing, yielded outstanding results. Presenting the Buddy Club P-1 Racing Kuroki F91 Wheel.


                       *** PRICE IS FOR A SET OF (4) WHEELS ***


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